Why choose our bluestone products?

2020-06-08 admin 882

There's bluestone in many areas in the world, like Belgium, Vietnam, France and Ireland. Every type of material with own feature. But at present, Chinese bluestone is the most polpular. With many years develop, this limestone materials and products has export to around the world. More and more peoples has know this material is very well.

Compare with Vietnam Bluestone, the Chinese Blue Limestone not just with cheaper price, but also with very good surface and quality. The surface can be with polished, honed, flamed, brushed, acid, bush hammered,chiesseled, lined and other finisihing. Besides these normal finishing, our factory also study and reserch many new finishing with our rich experience and morden machines. As we know,there with a lots of famous stone projects has used this material too.With so many years experience, we know the various demand and request from different country. 

With the local environment check, the Blue Limestone Quarry is normal and stable now. Then the customers need not to worry the supply and delivery time. In addition, we also have big quantity blocks for produce Blue Limestone products. Welcome customers contact with us.