What is Blue Limestone?

2020-05-14 admin 1043

What is Blue Limestone?

Blue Limestone(bluestone, gray limestone,black limestone) generally contain about 50% CaO, and the MgO content is between 2.5-3.5

water absorption ≤0.75%

bending strength ≥10.0MPa

compressive strength around 15.5mpa

density 2800 kg/m3

At the same time, Blue Limestone also with own special feature. For exaple, the texture is hard, the compressive strength is strong, the gloss is good, and it will not weather, which meets the requirements of the national first-class environmental protection product. It is widely used for indoor and outdoor building decoration, especially for gardens, squares, municipal administration, etc., showing its advantages.

Just as we introduced, Blue Limestone can be cut in different shapes products. As it's with very good physical data and performance. In general, Blue Limestone can be produced into various flooring tiles, paving plate, antique stone, big slabs, stair treads, coveringstone, roadway kerbs, pillars, cubes, gravels, railing board Stone, wall stone, stepping stone, tombstone, special-shaped stone, craft stone carving, relief, block, etc. At the daily life, the customers can choose Blue Limestone products depends on different projects.